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Delete contacts Windows 8

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Novel Tourist

yes this way is perfect and can remover the contact


"you need to tell that fist need to select the perticular contact" than need to rgith click and will show remove buttton (option) after that. 


H/ever thanks as you shown the contact is open and i got it form there.

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Novel Tourist

When I 'upgraded' to Windows 8 the Skype interface became cumbersome to navigate and cluttered up a bunch of messenger contacts I have no recollection of having made.   Definitely a huge step backwards.

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Casual Tourist

Well, thanks. This Windows 8 and Android-style skype thoroughly discourages me from using the platform.

f89dscorpion wrote:


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I have tried  but this is a kind of weird.   My software was upgradred to wind 8.1. The contacts that I created after upgrade, I could DELETE. but for older contacts, I do not get REMOVE option.

One option is to BLOCK user, which I took at the moment.

But there has to be a way to REMOVE.  Thanks

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Novel Tourist

I'm also having this same problem, but perhaps slightly more confusing.

There is a user that I know removed me from their contacts and Skype is telling me that they are no longer in my contacts (though I never removed them back), however, this person is still on my contact menu. I want this person removed completely.

I have been able to block the unwanted contact, but despite the fact that I clicked the box saying "Remove from lists", the contact is still on my list of people! I've tried seeing if this person was still linked to me through anything Windows 8 decided needed to be linked up, and nothing. I don't see any reason why this person needs to still be seen on my list. 

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Novel Adventurer

Hi I tried this, people, right click on the person i want to delete - no option for delete appears!!  All i get is add contact down the bottom!!


Please advise


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Novel Adventurer

Follow me, It seems that there are some versions in which you can right click + delete or click on a contact and then delete, but some you cannot. The version for 8.1 does not have this feature. I downloaded/tried/uninstalled several times but no luck. This is a serious problem since Microsoft got involved.

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I had the same problem, and it is quite easy once youve done it.

As the other posts have said, but may have not been that clear. You need to open the the contact first, Then right click anywhere on the screen, and the options to delete will appear a5t the bottom right of the screen.



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Novel Adventurer

So simple when you know how!!  


Thanks very much.



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Novel Adventurer

Part of the problem is the way the "Modern" interface was designed.  Unfortunately, Skype hasn't caught up to Windows 8.1's lessons learned yet, so you have to go all over the screen to get anything done!  You need to left-click the contact to select/open it, then right-click anywhere on the screen, and it appears in the blue menu at the bottom of the screen!


Actually, I personally don't like the whole switch to "apps."  Some are intuitive enough to get going with, but I find most to be clunky and difficult to navigate.  While the icons do give some visual clues, I often find myself having to read the tiny text above/below them to figure out what they really do, and the concept of a Help menu seems to be lost!


I'm a techie, and I'm sure that if I'm having a hard time with some of these apps, then many others are as well.  I'd be willing to bet that most people use about a quarter of the functionality most apps have built in, because it's just too much of a pain to work figure everything out without any sort of documentation.


With 8.1, the interface has much better capabilities, and is much more fluid, but now we have to wait for the apps to catch up.  Anyway, I hope my little expansion of the solution mentioned earlier will help some of those still struggline.