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windows 8 skype webcam not working?

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How do you change the driver adapter?

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What do you mean by display drivers? Where do I find it? I am absolutely clueless, so I need some help.

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Windows Key +X > device manager > Display Adapter If it says ATI RaDeon HD series 5000 ( Microsoft corporation WDDM v1.20 then the drivers are provided by Microsoft and the Camera and Video Doesn't work in the Metro App style , even You tube videos will not work in IE 10. So You gotta change it . Please Tell me your Display adapter Series (Graphic Card)
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Thanks so much for your help and quick responses. My display adaptor is not what you have mentioned. It is Radeon but AMD not ATI. But I still experience the problem where my video call does not work.

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HEY ATI is owned by AMD ........ So Can you tell me what is the GRAPHIC CARD model in yours and the laptop you are using .
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It's the: AMD Radeon HD 7650M. The laptop is Sony Vaio E Series

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Can any of you still experiencing problems with camera generate logs as described here in Windows 8 section and attach it to the forum:

Thank you

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I still haven't got a response from you. Please reply soon, for I need a lot of help. A favourable reply will be much appreciated.


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Infern0 wrote:

It's the: AMD Radeon HD 7650M. The laptop is Sony Vaio E Series

Maybe some of the solutions proposed here will help you too:

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Ok, as of about a week ago started having isues with my laptops built in cam not working with skype. It's still works with other applications like facebook or yahoo. First, it would jsut cut off when i would tab away to any other page. Now, it don't even turn on when i try to do a video chat. Running windows 8 (came with the laptop). If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

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