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skype won't open in windows 8

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I bought a new asus laptop with windows 8. I downloaded the Skype app from the Windows store and it appears on my desktop. But when I try to open it a blue screen appears and I get an error saying "we couldn't reach skype" ... "sometimes the internet is a bit sleepy... TRY AGAIN". No matter how many times I try again, or remove and reload it, the same error.


Note: everything else works and skype is fine on my Windows 7 desktop and same internet connection.

Please help.



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I have the exact same problem - I urgently need Skype for work as need to call internationally. 

Any fix would be hugely appreciated!  And bring out a desktop version for Windows 8 please! Don't force us to use the app store when it's clearly not ready! 


(Info about my case:  App store says I already have it. When I click on it from the Windows 8 start page Skype will not open, tells me "We couldn't reach Skype" when I click on the app, and tells me that the internet is "sleepy" and offers to "try again" which does nothing). 

Thanks all 


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I have the exact same problem on my new lenovo gaming laptop. Anyone know if there is a fix? Great job microsoft!


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Same Problem.. when i try from skype website download latest ver. sometime hang and cut the call. please give some solution...
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MMHMMMMM.......when i go to the right side of my screen, click the start button, scroll over, click on the skype app...It stays on the blue screen for about 3 seconds then goes right back to where i was before i clicked the skype app.

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Mine won't download it's taking forever and not showing up on the downloads and updates thing. I have it on my iPad and Phone but if I loose them! Why won't it download on my ASUS Windows 8 laptop?
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You can try instead to install the desktop version.


The currently latest Skype desktop version can be installed using this msi-installer:

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