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skype volume control

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Hi, I just hd a new laptop with win8. The skype came preinstalled. How to I reduce the volume of the call?

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Bumb, I also I'm getting very annoyed with the fact that the control in skype has gone to a minimum. Where can I adjust the volume? I can't even mute skype for when I want to hear something on my computer. Am I expected to just hang up a call whenever I want to listen to something else on my comp while on a call?
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I'm having this same issue and because i multitask when i use skype i.e play games or watching videos it can be really annoying when my mates are pretty much screaming in my ear on skype please help!

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I have not fixed the issue but I have found that just downloading the desktop version instead of the app is SOOO much better... It was nice of microsoft to try and integrate skype like that... but to much innovation leads to not enough intuition...
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There actually is a way to mute the other party.  This only works to mute them, not to adjust their volume to be higher or lower, and this is not an official function of the app, simply a work around.  It ain't pretty.  :tongue:


Go into Skype while you are on a call.  Pull up the charms menu and Settings > Options > Speakers.  Then set the source of the speakers to something other than what you are using for everything else.  For example, if you are using headphones, set it to speakers.  Then, simply go into the desktop and drag the volume for the source you set Skype to down to zero.


This may not work in all situations, as you may only have one source available, however it is worth a try.  Kind of a pain to have to do it every time you don't want to hear the other party though, and it may just end up being easier to ask them to mute themselves or hang up.  No idea what Microsoft is thinking on this one.

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@GayVenkat, the biggest reason I wanted to be able to control the volume because I would like to watch things while on skype and skype is over powering the sound. Although changing the speakers selection might work it still does not have "mute" functionality. Also, there is absolutely NO way to turn down skype volume and keep other programs at a higher volume.
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I have switched to earphones instead of using the spealers. How do I adjust the volume to reduce the deafening sound

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That's the problem - you don't.  Skype has included no volume controls because in their infinite wisdom they came to the conclusion that this would make the program more user friendly.  The only way to adjust the the volume of what you hear in a Skype call is to have the other party adjust their mic.  If they are using the desktop version that's easy, if not then they have to go into the recording devices tab in their sound control panel and adjust the global mic volume, which could present a problem for them if they are using more than one program that requires audio input.  The other option is to turn down the global volume on your computer, which would interfere with other programs you are running that use sound.  These are work-arounds, but there is no solution to a problem that should not exist in the first place.  The idiot that decided not to include volume controls in Skype should be shot.  Period.

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@pompi (and anyone else interested)


I have created a guide for a workaround that will allow you to adjust the volume of Skype for Windows 8 very easily once it is set up.  However, the steps to get it working are very technical, so it may not be a good solution for everyone.  I will not spam up your post with my links, as I do not know if that would be a violation of this forum's posting ettiquette, but will tell you the name of the post starts with "FINALLY - The ability to adjust Skype's volume" and can be found by clicking my name.



Hope this helps.

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