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"This version of Skype is not supported in your region"

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For some reason, the Windows 8 Metro version of Skype isn't working in China right now.  You can download the desktop version from a site like this:   and it will work.  I would advise NOT downloading from Skype website because you will get stuck with the awful TOM Skype that is designed for the Chinese.  I think TOM stands for peeping Tom for two reasons: 1) This is designed to allow the government to listen in and 2) you are stuck looking at adds that are often semi-pornographic.

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A new version of Skype will be available to all users, including those in China with the Windows 8.1 release – rolling out to all markets on October 18th. This will be a free upgrade for existing Windows 8.0 users.

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Hi Mart, I'm running


If I've understood the other comments correctly, they should be releasing a working Windows 8.1 version tomorrow.

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I'm in Nanjing, i have the same problem and I'm usign windows 8 too.

every time i try to use skype, it seems to work but eventually it doesn't.

if anybody knows how tofix it, please let me know!



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Please wait until Windows 8.1 becomes available to you through Windows Store.

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That's a relief then, that I'm not the only one experiencing this problem.


I'm also in Shanghai. I'm using a Surface RT and up until first thing yesterday morning, Skype was working perfectly well. Then, that error message you've all been talking about.


Skype wrote back to me saying that Skype is not supported on the Surface RT. So, as I let them know, think that was an oversight in their replying to me with an answer like that. Of course it's supported. It comes preinstalled and advertised with that fact about it.


Other than that, I've just asked them in my reply of by installing the Windows RT 8.1 final edition when it comes out, will that resolve the Skype issue just stumbled upon. Currently I'm rinning the standard Windows RT 8, and wasn't able to updare to the 8.1 preview as it was 'no longer available'...! by the time I looked into it.


Let's hope that either by today or tomorrow China time, we can all update to the final version of Windows RT 8.1 and this issue will resolve itself. Otherwise, please don't let this be another thing blocked just because we're over here in China...jesus.

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Well, that's already tomorrow... Two days response time, that's fast... Thanks ;-)

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Is that a certainty, that tomorrow the final edition of Windows RT 8.1 will be released and updatable? I haven't been able to find any official Microsoft page saying that, the date of tomorrow for it's release that is. I only found that info out through forums and the like.

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Check here please:

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Great stuff. Thanks. Although, I'm going from the Windows RT 8 updating to the latest Windows RT 8.1 when I do, so hopefully I'll work out the correct link or whatever to pick for that way about things. Desctibed there was only ways to do it from a currently installed Windows RT 8.1 Preview system. All positive news though.

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