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"This version of Skype is not supported in your region"

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My son in southern China is suddenly getting the message "This version of Skype is not supported in your region".  This is new, as we successfully Skyped with him just 3 days ago.  Is this due to the new version of Skype, or has there been a change in the Skype agreement with China?  Any chance we will be able to Skype with him any time soon?  We can email, but Skype is our only way to communicate with him in real time.  Thank you.

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Skype not working anymore in China since this morning, prompting the user with a "Region not supported" message and a "Retry" button.


Using a VPN restores functionality, so I'd say it's clearly a regional restriction.


Is Skype "Metro" app going the same way of desktop Skype and requiring a TOM version?

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Well, to make it short, I get the message "This version of Skype is not supported in your region." just after starting the app. The sign-in dialog does not appear. I have to attend an online-meeting very soon. Can anybody help me in finding a solution for this problem?


Application Version:

I have installed the most recent English version of the Skype App from Microsoft's store.  (


Privacy Settings:

Let apps use my location = "On"


Windows Region Settings:

Format (Language Preferences): "Chinese (Simplified, China)"

Home Location: "United States"

Current Language for Non-Unicode programs: "English (United States)"


Language Preferences:

[1] English (United States): Windows display language: Enabled (override), Keyboard layout: US

[2] Deutsch (Deutschland): Keyboard layout: German

[3] 中文(中华人民共和国): Input method: Microsoft Pinyin SimpleFast; Date, time and number formatting

Override for Windows display language = English(United States)

Override for default input method = English (United States) - US

Don't let websites access my language list = "unchecked"


Time Zone Selection:

(UTC +08:00) Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi


Actual Current Geo-Location:

Sichuan Province / China

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Btw. Moving 中文 (Chinese) to the top of the language preferences list and activating "make it easier to find apps in my preferred languages" in the store does not cause the store to present a localized client (i.e. TOM client).

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Just had the same problem in Shanghai. It appears you can get around this by getting your son to go to the website, signing in with "Windows Live" account, then where it says "Mail" select "People" and you can use the Web version of Skype. (Just don't tell anybody or they'll probably ban that too!)

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Which Windows version are your contacts in China running?

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I'm running Windows 8.1 :manembarrassed:

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I'm in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, and I have the same problem. Any advice?
Thank you.

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Busyphil, do you use the preview version?

Can you check for the Skype version you are using?

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Hi All, im in Shenzhen and i have the same issue. Skype was working on my W8 8 tablet yesterday but suddenly today i started getting this message, went to my W7 laptop and not a problem, not a problem with Apple Macbook as well.


Seems to be affecting W8 only but not sure if it is Skype/Microsoft issue or as usal a Chinese great firewall issue, suppose only time will tell but **bleep** annoying.


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