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not able to send any text messages

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Im not able to send any text messages to my friend. In same time video is working perfectly. Im online, he is online. When im sending msg after few seconds i got animated circle and msg is never delivered. I tried to reinstall Skype, and now for sure we got the newest version of it.


I didnt tried turn off Windows Firewall yet - but i will check it tommorrow.


My PC:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 English

all update for Windows installed

My PC is behind NAT (router) and it got local IP address


His PC:

Windows Vista x32 Polish

all update for Windows installed




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Do you have youtube mp3 converter / facebook video software (or similiar) installed? If so, uninstall them.

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I got only this one as Opera web browser plugin:


Youtube To MP3


Should i uninstall it or only disable?


(i will try with disable and i will feedback)

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ok, i disabled plugin. Right now text messages, voice and video is working under Skype.

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