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microphone problem in windows 8.1

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Since the update for Windows 8.1 on Surface RT the microphone has not worked with Skype.

It did work perfectly before Win 8.1 update.

I have tried checking the settings and everything seems to be set up correctly although there must be something I am missing.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Novel Adventurer

Same here plus my  webcam no longer functions, everything worked with windows 8, according to my troubleshooting I have all the updated drivers installed

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Me too...just had an IT guy come check it and he said everything is set up correctly...just one more of my continual problems with 8.1.  I loved windows 8 and then upgraded to 8.1 since I was told it would solve many problems and instead, I run across more problems every day.  My IT guy told me to go buy a headset!  This is not a solution, but a workaround.  What is going on with Skype and windows 8.1?

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So here is what worked for me, not sure why but it did. I uninstalled the driver for both my microphone and webcam and then re-installed them and voila they worked. So, perahps worth a try

my miccrophone was Conexant.



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Here is the fix.

1. Start up Skype
2. Swipe in from the left.
3. Select 'setting'
4. Select 'permissions'
5. Slide the slider bars of 'microphone' and 'webcams' to on.

Voilà - it's fixed.

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Sorry, should read swipe in from the right in the above message.

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Dear all,

Thanks for the tips...none of them worked but I found the key to finding what works through the posts...first of all, it was not as simple as going into the permissions and turning mic and webcam on - they were both on.  I then was trying to follow the other post about reinstalling the drivers but had to first figure out how to do this - i.e. where they could be found.  During this process I went followed the following tip:


Open Windows Sound Control Panel and click on the Communications tab. Select there the appropriate option for what Windows should do when communications activity is detected.


What I found was the microphone that I was trying to deinstall was showing there are the default and when I went to test it, I noted that on this tab, it was down to 0 volume.  I moved the volume to the max, tested it and then went into skype and worked!


What is irritating about all of this - guess it is real life - we all have problems and the fixes are in many cases different.  At any rate, thanks to this forum I was able to fix my problem!

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Since Windows 8.1, I've had trouble with my microphone.  In the beginning of conversation, person on the other end of my Skype call can hear me, then suddenly, they can't hear me, but I can hear them perfectly.  I've tried FAQ, rebooting, settings, connectivity check...nothing seems to be working.  I'm using Skype for desktop since I use it for business.  Any suggestions?


Thank you!!

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I was also facing the same problem and my solution was also different. But all these tips helped finding it.
I went to Control panel, Hardwares and sounds (or sg like that) and there I found that there are two microphones installed, a built-in one and an outer one. I had to delete the last one (which I in fact was not existing) and then the built-in one started functioning.

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Well is good to see that some of you have found the solution, but here's my problem:

I found out that the mic volume goes down everytime I speak when in a call on Skype (metro app for Windows 8.1). So I have to keep the mic properties open and keep turninr the volume up, without being able to see the other person I'm talking to.

I've tried reinstalling the drivers, checking the options iver Skype (which are very limited), and all that stuff...

Any suggestions?

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