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mic not working in skype - windows 8

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just bought new acer laptop with windows 8, which has  skype app already installed in it. Now, while echo testing, i could not hear the mic sound back, tried so many times, skype un-installed & re-installed as well. but still there is no microphone sound back to me.

but, i tried with my external headphone with microphone & it passes the echo test.

can someone help me out, what should i do.


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You can install ManyCam


Choose ManyCam as the audio source


Run Skype >> WinKey + C >> Settings >> Options >> Audio >> Microphone >> Select ManyCam Virtual Microphone.


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Hi Tamim,
I downloaded manycam and selected it in the dropdown menu in settings on Skpe. I did some test calls and still can't hear my recordings. My friends on the other end can't hear me although everything on my control panel and on skype say the mic and speakers are working. Do you have any other ideas?
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Did the same, installed manyCam, could not understand how to test mic there, or it did not work there as well.

ManyCam is trying to sell pro version, but i do not know if it would help.

I have HP Winsows 8 laptop, and I wish I bought Windows 7 laptop. it is good to have touch screen, without it would not be able to get around in Windows 8 at all.

So, I have seen Timtim answer with a different advice, it mentions  calling quality screen in "call". How to find it in Windows 8 Skype?



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Thank you very much for your reply! I ended up taking it to a good repair shop for testing, and they recommended I just buy an external mic. It's cumbersome but works perfectly.

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Hi All,


I had the same issue this morning with a brand new Dell Laptop with Windows 8. If your cam and mic are not working and you have done it all then you got to look at one place. Go to skype. On the right is the drop down of settings. And then PERMISSIONS. The tab to allow cam and mic is by default OFF. You got to turn that ON and BINGO!!!



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Well done!!!!!!!!!!! that worked a treat. Duhhhhh im not computer savvy but your instructions were spot on

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Well done badboy_tinny. YES - to get your mic to work you need to grant permission from the control panel settings.  I'm a newbee to Windows 8.  I looked and looked and couldn't find the "SETTINGS" menu anywhere.  It appears that when you put your cursor at the lower rt hand corner of the screen and the 4 or 5 icons come out of the rt side of the screen - this is the settings menu.  When you click on the cog, these are not settings for the PC, it appears, since I'm in an app, these are the settings for this app ONLY.  Again, I'm a newbee and may be wrong.  I just wanted to share something that I just learned and found very helpful.  I am open to correction.

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Thank you, badboy-tinny! I thought I was going to have to pay some remote tech service.
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My mic still isn't working and I've checked the permissions and it still isn't working

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