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error: driver_irql_not_less_or_equal_e22w8x64.sys

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I just got a new laptop with windows 8. Installed Skype for desktop and ran it, chatted with friends an the other day, I turned the computer on and I was unable to get into skype.


Every time I write my account name and clicked log in my computer crashed.


The error I get is "driver_irql_not_less_or_equal_e22w8x64.sys".


I'm feeling extremely dissapointed to have purchased a great laptop and due to a low quality OS , windows 8, I'm unable to use Skype.


I tried getting the app version of Skype, I had not wanted to make a microsoft account but I made out as a desperate attempt to get Skype working. I installed it and it didn't work either, it just opens and closes the blue Skype app screen.


I'm pretty upset because this all made me create a windows app account thing, which I did not want to make, and it ALSO made me merge my skype account into that filthy windows account trash.


Can someone help me solve this problem, please?

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I have the same problem since the last update of Skype. (I am on Windows 8 too).
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Unfortunately it looks like your laptop comes with bad drivers. e22w8x64.sys points to something called Killer NIC, which may be more aptly named than it seems at first. A bad network driver can cause problems in anything that connects the to internet.


I would take the laptop back and switch it to some other model that's not broken.

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How do I reinstall qualcomm killer network manager?

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I uninstalled and installed an older version of Skype, and works fine. So i would say install a version pervious to 6.1

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I've got the same problem MSI GT70 0ND network card killer e2200 and win8 x64 and skype BSOD irql_not_less_or_equal (e22win8x64.sys) and i think it's cause of the skype version but where can i find something like a 6.0 skype. Only 6.1.129 (the version who crash) on the internet.
Please help !
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You can install the previous Skype version using this msi-installer:

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Ty so much

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Thanks, this problem was driving me crazy~  But the older version of the skype works fine now.

btw, the remove/reinstall Killer NIC driver does not work for me, I guess I will stick to the old version of skype until they finally have someone look into the question and try to solve it.

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