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delete friends on skype windows 8

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hii just want to ask how to delete a friends or contacts on skype in windows 8?thanks.

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Run Skype. Under people, select / highlight the contact you want to remove >> Right Click >> Remove.


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I delete my contacts but they don't go away they just stay there I'm new to this type of Skype with windows 8 why aren't they disappearing

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That was completely inneffective. right clicking gives me no options!


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I don't get the options that you show when I right click. All I get is Add a Contact and Save Number

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I have a contact that i want to delete, but when i rightclick i dont get any Remove command. I have also attempted to go via people but that doesnt work either. I just cant seem to get rid of this person.

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You have to open the conversation page with the contact. Then right click. The options will be on the bottom right.


My question is...................after I remove them, how do I remover their picture?

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Thank you, that worked, but to Microsoft, I have to say this interface is TERRIBLE.  I suppose it's just TOO MUCH to ask to have a simple box with menu items that you can minimize, maximize, full screen and close with clearly marked and easy to find controls.  When you open it, you have to use that stupid hand pointer THAT'S NOT CONSISTENT WITH ANY OTHER APPS to drag it down.  Then your choices are having it take up the right 1/4 of your monitor, or completely hiding it.  Then if you hide it and want to open it again, you have to go back to the stupid Windows 8 start menu, redo the hand pointer, and THEN browse back to the desktop.  Boy Windows is clueless on interface design.   Anytime they try to do anything on their own it's always total crap, the only time they get anything right is when they copy Apple.  Oh, and I have two skype accounts with my e-mail address, becuase I had to create one for work a long time ago, don't even TRY to delete a second skype account.  Spent over an hour trying to delete the second account and all I accomplished was getting a bunch of e-mails with invalid unlock links.  Interface design F-minus-minus.

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You can try to install the desktop version:


Perhaps you will like it better.

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To me it did. I wanted to get rid of a person and I followed these instructions. However, when I blocked this person (and removed him as well) my action turned up in my feed and now I hope it doesn't show on his feed as well

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