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add skype to task bar in windows 8

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I have skype in my start menu but can't figure out how to put a short cut in the task bar in windows 8

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You can create a new desktop shortcut for Modern Skype.


Try This.


Right click on the desktop >> create a new shortcut


Type: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c start "" "skype:"



Click Next


Type: ModernSkype in Type a Name for this shortcut field.



Then Click Finish.


You now have a shortcut to Skype apps.


You can create an icon for this shortcut.


Log on to ICO converter

Cick Choose File and search for .png in C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.SkypeApp_1.3.0.112_x86__kzf8qxf38zg5c\images\s_logo_30x30.png


Then Click Convert. New icon will be downloaded.



Now Right click on ModernSkype desktop shortcut  and click Propeties then Click Change Icon and locate the downloaded icon file, Click OK.





Now drag the icon to the taskbar and it should be pinned.



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I'm 76 years of age and there must be an easier way that this to put a Skype icon on the taskbar or desktop.


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the ICO converter will not accept a cut/paste of your C:windowsapp/microsoft address for linking to the skype icon. also, I can't find windows on my computer. please advise. thanks for your help!
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I am 79 years of age and i agree with you..ridiculous how difficult to create a skype shortcut!!!

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The solution that worked for me was to go to the Skype homepage, or better, and instead of clicking on the green button that says Get Skype for Windows 8, I looked below at the other versions, specifically Windows Desktop. I clicked on the Learn More link and then saw another green button, but this one said Get Skype for Windows Desktop. I downloaded that package, installed it and walked thru the setup wizard which then opened Skype for me in the familiar fashion. Once it was open, I could then click on the icon on the taskbar and select Pin to Taskbar!


Wow! Just, wow!

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Novel Adventurer This is the page you want to download Skype for Desktop.
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thanks for the tip. It saved lots of my lifetime. I like to see the Skypa status and calls missed in the task bar as before, and sometimes I do think Microsoft people are not aware that not every change is to teh better. Your tip woked easy and fast.

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I agree with you all folks. Thaks for the solution. Very easy and this way I was able to use the programa as always.

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