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Windows 8 camera not working

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My camera is not working with skype.  It works with an app from the desk top, but does not work with the W8 camera app.  Any ideas if I can fix it?





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Have you tried with Windows generic driver for your webcam?


you can also try manycam

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If your camera is not working with the Windows 8 camera app neither, then your webcam drivers are either out to date or your camera is not supported by Windows 8. 


Please try to update drivers and then try again. 

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Sorry to butt in here, but I have the same problem. 


Laptop with no webcam so I tried my old Trust WB-3350p that only has drivers up to Vista, but works fine in Win7 and Linux and also in the desktop area of Win8 using an older version of Skype.

I've run Windows update. The webcam doesn't work in the camera area on the new interface, but its drivers install an application there, AMCap, that does work.


I am not happy about installing a third party bodge such as Manycam.

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Just for info, I've tried ManyCam, and it doesn't show any virtual camera in the Metro version of Skype, but does provide an extra virtual camera option in the desktop old version. It's the same camera and picture, of course, but has a logo on it in the virtual camera.


It looks to me as if Microsoft has broken Skype in several ways. I hope someone is working on this.

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And for further info, I have tried another webcam that has always installed and run on other OS's as HP Basic Starter Camera.

It installs and works in the desktop old Skype, not seen in the Metro Skype.


One other note, I said the Trust webcam drivers installed AMCap as an application on the metro screen. I found another application indicator with the title "Uninstall" and a sort of squiggle logo. I clicked it and was presented with a sequence of dialogues none of which said what was being uninstalled. There was one which asked if I wanted to uninstall iDriver, the app and all its features. The cancel button here just returned over and over, so I OK's and the Trust drivers were gone.


I use a lot of different webcams for different tasks (inspection, demonstration etc). Some have own drivers, most use this HP Baic Starter driver.

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not working
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For 3 months, I kept getting the essage: Camera is being used by another App. I tried everything I read off this site. Then (1) I decided to SWITH OFF all LIVE TILES on all Apps. (2) I UNINSTALLED the only App that WAS USING THE CAMERA: Point Grab Hand Gesture Tool. I don't really know what did it, but the camera is working and I can take photos, videos and use Skype. It may work for you too but only if you do not need the clashing flash Point Grab Hand Gesture Tool. In my case, I didn't need it but WANTED to use Skype...

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exactly the same ! 

how to uninstall this damned pointgrab !?

I did not install it actually.

Maybe it appears when I updated the system to 8.1...

but it is strange as my daughter does not have this trouble whereas she updated to 8.1 too but on a different computer

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I neen may webcam TVISTO ACM 330 working in my conversation because de problem is de amcap working with windows xp system, please is possible try a solution of compatoablity cam


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