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Windows 8 and skype and microphone don't work?

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Casual Tourist

My microphone doesn't work anymore. Computer says that microphone is working and OK but it isn't working. Video, and loudspeaker are ok.

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Novel Adventurer

Same problem here. Mic works with Windows 8 Sound Recorder and Skype appears to recognize the device (Logitech Quickcam 3000), but the volume bar doesn't move and the Skype sound test failed to record any voice. Looks like a Skype problem? 

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Yep, same here. Just updated to Windows 8 from Vista. Worked OK with Skype on Vista!
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Novel Adventurer
so how did u fix it??
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Novel Adventurer

Loaded an earlier version of Skype ( and selected High def audio device (7). Works well but now I can't yet get rid of the newer version of Skype! (I'll sort that out eventually)

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Casual Tourist

In my case I found it is a Windows 8 problem and not Skype.


Windows 8 recognize the Mic (Realtek High Definition Audio) and show is as a "Recording Device" on the "Sound" control panel.


It even shows the bar moving when you talk to the mic, but it does not records anything in "Skype" or "Sound Recoder".


I don't have the solution yet.

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Novel Tourist

Go to settings, permissions and then there is a slider that lets you allow skype to use your mic and webcam.

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Novel Adventurer

Thanks! That worked!

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Novel Tourist

Mine already allows it and it still doesn't work- what should I do now?


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Casual Tourist

forgive me for asking such a foolish question:

it the SETTINGS that you speak of  in skype or in my browser or in win 8?
I have looked all over in skype, did not see it.

please help

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