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Windows 8 Skype Unblock a Contact

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This is driving me batty. I have been trying to figure this out for the better part of an hour and it is literally just making me angry that its so rediculously complicated.


How do I unblock a blocked contact on this new windows 8 skype?

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Use people website.


Login to


Click Manage >> Limit access


and unblock your contacts.

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If u have the skype app on windows 8 simply click on the person like u would call him, then righ clivk u'll see in the right bottom corner the option to unbllock

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Had the same problem on my PC. Search the blokked person and click your right click. Now you're able to unblock this person in the right corner on your screen 

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I'm having this problem but when I right click all it shows is to favorite or profile can someone help
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You are the man!!! thanks

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how absurdly well hidden was that?. What is wrong with tap-hold or right click on the contact itself?.


Usablilty down the drain.


But at least I can do it now (found this thread from a google search)

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