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Windows 8 - Disconnecting a Microsoft Account and a Skype account

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and it's not solved! the solution is a BS! like your support!

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very disappointed with skype win 8
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I just cannot believe how they screwed this job in Windows 8.

I like Windows 8 AND Skype very much, but how studid can one be to launch such a service?


Hope this will be resolved soon.


I am stuck on Windows 8 with an old Skype account, which I cannot change.


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Please See-

What happens when I merge my Skype and Microsoft accounts?

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Your Skype account is hooked on your Windows 8-installation/Microsoft account:


- you cannot use a second Skype-account

- you cannot delete the existing Skype-account


The only go around is to install Skype on your desktop as well. So you end up with two Skype installations, which is really a crappy solution. And very embarrassing for both - Windows and Skype corporation!

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This is NOT fixed. I spend an hour with support and they came up with workarounds only that demonstrated they had not even been trained properly on the differences between Windwos 8 and Windows 8 RT and clearly had no fix to dis-connect the Microsoft Account.


Same issues -


This is proving to be a poorly thought through action by Skype, rushed out, and now they are in damage limitation mode and not performing well.


Windows 8 RT + Microsoft Account + Skype = A Tsunami of support headaches in the making!

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The other issue is with two installations they conflict with I/O.


Furthermore the desktop option is not available to Microsoft Surface users on Windows 8 RT, they simply cannot use Skype because it will not allow use of the Skype account login or another Microsoft Account.


So Skype has in their arrogance disabled users from using their service by forcing users down a Microsoft Account connect route without spelling out the implications FIRST.


Someone should be losing their job over this


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yes... i am really disappointed by microsoft at this point... it looks like the just made half the program usable on windows 8... suck as now my **bleep**ign skype account is filled with all my **bleep**ty microsoft contacts...

they really should be fixing this right now, or i'll have rip their faces thru the ass...

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Just to update you guys, my microsoft account was unlinked to the wrong skype account, and I'm not using the correct one, thank you skype support

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