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Windows 8 App doesn't work.

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I'm running a clean instal of Windows 8. Skype for desktop runs perfectly, with absolutely zero issues. As for the Skype app, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling it multiple times. I always get  the two requests, asking if Skype can have access to my Camera and Microphone, and if Skype can stay active in the background. After this, the screen goes to the Skype logo with the Windows loading dots, then after a few minutes gives me the message telling me that skype has failed, and to either close it or try again.

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Did you receive any error code / messages?
What is the exact error message?
Are you behind a VPN?
What is the type of internet connection you are using?
Do you have any security software installed on the computer?
Do you have Hamachi LogMeIn installed?
Did a Free-trial antivirus come preinstalled on the computer when you bought it?
Do you have any other p2p (BiTtorrent, Team Viewer) software installed on the computer?

Location - Dhaka | Bangladesh - Standard Time Zone: GMT/UTC + 06:00 hour

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Well, I have the same problem. Here are the answers to your questions:
- I did not receive any error code / messages
- None
- I am using wireless interenet with excellent strength
- there is just Windows Firewall
- I have hamachi logmein installed and it is power off.
- nope
- Yes, I have BitTorrent installed
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i uninstalled hamachi logmein but the problem still persists

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Novel Adventurer

I have finally got Skype App to work. This is the problem:
-  when you install hamachi, you add another network driver onto your computer. When uninstalling, this driver does not self-uninstall. The easiest way to uninstall this driver is to Refresh you PC. By this, the PC and all its drivers will be updated and it will remove all registry files for programs not on the PC.  (Use this method only if your PC doesn't uninstall the driver after uninstallation of Hamachi). After this, you can install all necessary updates for Skype via Store. And, there, you have your Skype up and running. If problems still continue, please email me at *email removed for privacy* .

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Hi, i've the problem same with TS.. and does't clear until today.. i've recently install windows 8, and then i install skype.. nothing apps before skype installed..

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