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Windows 8 App, Unable to answer incoming calls...

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I installed the app on my desktop and had no problems, however on my Laptop I am unable to answer and calls... and if i try to make an outgoing call either video or voice, it fails...


The only way to stop either the incoming or outgoing ringtones is to uninstall teh app...


I installed the desktop app on the Windows 8 Laptop and it works perfectly fine.   Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening?


It is a DELL 17R SE 7720 Laptop....

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I have the exact same problem. any fix?

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Yeah, I have the same problem. Desktop version works fine, while metro does not. The buttons are not responsive and I can not video/voice call anyone, while I can send and recieve IM


My roommate also has the same problem.

HP 8570W, x64 Windows8 + ESET NOD32 (if it matters)

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Novel Adventurer

No answer yet... Please let us know here if anyone figures it out... Othrewise...  we are stuck with teh desktop app only....

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Also, if it is of any help, a lot of other apps won't work like they should. Like TuneIn Radio App, Weather app also sometime crashes, etc. 

Any fix?

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I have the same problem and my camera app also doesn't work. I think they are the same problem. It tells me:


The camera app can't be used with this version of windows.


So basically I think older web cam doesn't have support on windows 8... but only on the metro apps, desktop apps work.

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What happens if you are using the Windows generic driver for your webcam?

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I have the same problem with my skype (inside Metro). The Desktop version works great, but within the metro interface. I try to call the Echo/Test service and it keeps calling and I'm unable to hang up... And if people try to call me the same, I hear the sound and see that someone is calling me, but I am just unable to answer (to pick up)...


I have a desktop with a Logitech HD Pro C910. The camera app inside the metro interface give the follow error: Sorry. The Camera app can't be used with this version of Windows.

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with my new acer netbook windows8, I see in (I am logged in) Skype "My account michael mulheran Profile completeness 80% ", etc etc..  That's it, where do I click to do a video chall?!  In my other netbook windows7... it is so much easier.  That netbook is under another skype account and it sees my account (michael.mulheran) but of course it says "this person has not shared their details..."

Can you help me please get Skype do a video call from this netbook w/ windows8?


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Novel Adventurer

OK guys I have a fix. Well, if you really need the metro-skype app, you can make it work (answer, call, cam works, everything is perfect). The only problem is that I have fixed my skype with WINDOWS REFRESH. It deletes all of the programs, drivers, and resets windows to factory settings. It does not delete the documents. 

I would reccomend this, as it has fixed all of my other apps that were not working inside metro. 


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