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Windows 8 Age Restriction

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I installed Skype from the Windows 8 App Store for my daughter who is 9. However, in order to login I need to merge her Skype account with her Microsoft account. The problem is it won't let me do that because is says she is too young. Shouldn't I be the judge of that?


How do I configure Skype to either work without merging the accounts or to get around this silly age restriction?

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Windows Store age rating for the Modern Skype app is PEGI 12 (ages 12 and older)



This is the Store link.

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So... There are games that have an age rating higher than her age that I let her play. Not all of them mind you, but some.


The choice should be made by her parents. The Skype app would allow her to communicate with her mother and I through her tablet.

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I am 13 years old, but the age restriction is shown. How can I prevent this?

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Hi, i have the same problem. i'm 16 years old and still get the message. i'm pretty sure on both accounts my age is 16..


gr. Daan

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Same problem here.  I have two daughters, 9 and 12, and I want to setup Skype on their accounts.  I will be travelling overseas next week and I wanted to be able to skype each of them.  Let parents decide whetehr Skype is right for our kids.

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Tamim - I appreciate that you are trying to help, but you keep giving out the same information to everyone but that information is either incorrect or doesn't mean what you think it does. Could you please investigate further and find out what the REAL age limits are for Skype?


My daughter is twelve. She can download the app. She cannot merge her account. So, the age limit in the store has NOTHING to do with merging accounts.


I have also tried to have her merge her account online, per another suggestion and she cannot merge it there either.


I read the terms of service and didn't find a specific age. I did see that a user must be of age to enter a legally binding contract with Skype in order to use Skype. Considering the user base of Skype, there are alot of illegal contracts.


"In the United States, the age of majority is determined individually by each state. In 47 of the states, the age of majority is 18. In Nebraska and Alabama it is 19, and in Mississippi it is 21. In American Samoa, a U.S. territory, the age of majority is only 14."


Wow, so the only way most young people (21 year olds in Mississippi) can use Skype is to lie? Like other services, Skype should provide a way for parents/guardians to manage this for their children.

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I am >25 in both account

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I just turned 12 years old, and it still won't let me merge. HELP!!

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I am hoping for an update on skype now! PLEASE SKYPE....

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