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Why is Skype for Windows 8 always on?

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Very well said.  I have been saying the same thing.  Obviously, the goal is to make user friendly apps.  But stripping away the features is a shortcut.  Sure, it is less confusing if there are less options, but there are other ways to make it less confusing without murdering the app.  It's just like the person in charge of Skype waited until the midnight on the day before its release and was like "Okay, I have 4 hours to make this user friendly... Let's give it the old college try." At the very least, they could just take everything they have removed and lump it into an "Advanced" menu.  The title alone would tell most users that they have found their way into the non-user friendly section of the menu, and it would be their choice at that point whether they want to proceed.  

P.S. Skype sucks.

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OK So What Do You Expect Me To Do!!!!!!!!


I have a Windows 8 Phone, Surface RT, Windows 8 Desktop.


I use Skype for Business and for family.


When I am in the office I need Skype on the Desktop as I regularly not only need to talk to others I also need to share my screen or their screen to exchange information and discuss critical topics.


When I am out of office I want Skype on my Surface RT when I have it with me, but on other occasions if I only have my Phone with me I need to be able to Skype on that.


The current 'no sign out' policy makes this IMPOSSIBLE, I have people complain when I am in the office at my Desktop and logged in I appear 'offline' because my Phone or Surface has decided to go to sleep.


So now I have taken to install/unistall skype wheneve I need it on a device, that's my 'sign out'.


Please tell me seriously is that what you expect you customer's to do......


VERY frustrated and angry at the way MS treats people who want to use its products.

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So that others dont have to tell me to sign in to skype? Are you serious? I determine when I am reachable on Skype, not others!


I have used skype with much pleasure the last few years, but for now it has been removed again from my Lumia 920. No way I let others determine my level of privacy.

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It does not work this way on Android phones.  I find it amusing that Skype only forces this feature (which the majority of people consider a hassle) on their own devices, thus pushing people toward other mobile platforms on which Microsoft's programs actually work BETTER.

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"Thank you for removing the sign-out feature", said no one ever.


Please fire whomever made this decision.

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This is retarded, sorry, but it really is.

Skype = Phone? Sure, do whatever you like for me, but let me turn off my phone, thats all I want to. If not, i have to reinstall Windows 7 again....

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What I want to know is how to install the app on my desktop vs. the windows 8 apps page? Is this possible?

Any advise is very gratefully accepted!
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If I understand the question correctly, you want a shortcut on your desktop that will take you to the modern Windows 8 Skype, correct?

If that is the case, this is actually quite easy.  Just click some empty space on your desktop, select New > Shortcut, and type "skype://" (without the quotes).  On the next menu type "Skype" (without quotes) as the name.  That's it!  If you would like to give it an icon, right click your new shortcut and go to the Web Document tab, then select Change Icon.


Here is the URL of a Skype icon for you (right-click it and select Save As, then save it to a location you will remember), or you can use any other icon of your choice.


If you want to pin it to your taskbar or Start screen, that can be done too, but is a bit more tricky, so I won't post that unless you say you are interested in it.  Hope this helps.  :happy:



P.S.  If you were just asking how to get the desktop verson of the program, go here:



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There needs to be a sign out option.  Having my computer on does not mean that I want to be fielding skype calls.  I turn on skype when I want to be available for calls.  Likening it to my droid...I turn it *off* at all sorts of times when intrusions are unwelcome. 


I simply do not understand why the option to turn it off was taken away.


How does one uninstall this version and return to the earlier version?

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