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Why is Skype for Windows 8 always on?

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We’ve seen a lot of excitement about the great new Skype for Windows 8 app but we’re also listening to users who have questions about some of the new features. We’ve heard you ask a number of questions like “Why is Skype for Windows 8 always on?” and “Why can’t I sign out of Skype?


The best way to answer those questions is with a metaphor. Imagine you had a mobile phone but every time someone wanted to call or text message you they had to find a way to tell you to turn on your phone. It wouldn’t be very useful, if they had a way to tell you to turn your phone on, they wouldn’t need to call you.


We’re constantly hearing about great ways in which people are making Skype part of their lives, and we want to be there for all of it. This is a big step towards our goal to get technology out of the way of our users sharing experiences with each other and with us.

One more little detail: if you’re worried about the battery life of your Windows 8 device then have no fear! While it’s running in the background Skype for Windows 8 uses 0% of your CPU which helps keep battery drain low.


This is a big change from anything we’ve done in the past and like all big changes, it will probably take some getting used to. But Skype for Windows 8 offers a number of options to control what notifications you get from Skype and how you appear to your contacts so you can customise Skype for Windows 8 to your needs. To find out more, take a look at this article on the Skype support site.

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Hello Skype people,


so I setup skype on my win 8 laptop with my personal skype account. now I need to sign my personal account out from that laptop and sign back in with my corp account.

is there way I can do that?


Sign in and out feature is must have feature for any communicator app like skype. if skype for windows 8 does not have that please add it ASAP.


thank you


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I would suggest you use the Desktop client for now until it's possible to use multiple accounts.

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Always on for connectivities is very good. But there are so many reasons for users want "sign-out" feature:


1) Security: Do you think all people using Skype just for chit-chat? WRONG! Many people using Skype for business and their conversation have important information (account password, credit card info..). So, what if the other people using their computer and stole the important stuffs? Do we must uninstall Skype and reinstall Skype when needed?


2) Privacy: I don't think people want others read their conversation.


Don't be fool to remove Sign-out feature on communication application! Please respect privacy of people.



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You can SIGN OUT if you are on a local account.

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I'm using local account to Login Windows. Skype force me login by Live account and merge with my old Skype account. How can you Sign out Skype? screenshot?

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Win+C => Settings => Options => Sign out
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Skąd można pobrać Skayp dla Windows 8 ?
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I see the point you are making about someone's phone being on when people need to reach her/him. But this seems to not give a choice to users. I think this might be something you guys need to re-consider.


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Hi Yanglam,

You make a good point, obviously your privacy and security is important. The good news is you don’t need to sign out of Skype for Windows 8 to secure who sees your chat history.

If you share your Windows 8 device with others you should use separate Windows 8 user accounts for everyone who uses the machine.

When you sign out of your Windows 8 account you will be signed out of Skype and if others use the device with different Windows 8 accounts they won’t be able to see your Skype message history. They would have to download Skype for Windows 8 separately and link their own Windows 8 and Skype user accounts so your account remains your own.

For more information on using multiple Windows 8 accounts on the same device with Skype for Windows 8, please take a look at this FAQ.

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