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Volume control on Metro App

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When I use the Windows 8 Skype metro app I am unable to turn the volume down.  If I turn the system volume down it does nothing.  I can find nowhere within the metro app to turn the volume down during a call.  It is very frustrating that the volume control is not more obvious.  I appreciate any assistance with this matter.



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Sorry to say this...

It's not that it's not obvious, it's that it doesn't exist.  The modern version of Skype has no volume controls.  The only option is to use the desktop version, which is counter productive to MS's goal of the adoption of Windows 8 apps, and may not even be possible on RT (sorry, I don't know much about RT).

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Thanks for that information.  I kind of figured that was the case.  I've tried installing the desktop version but everytime it tries to sign in the program crashes.  I am deeply disappointed that Microsoft can't get this together.  I do really like the Windows 8 environment but it's extremely frustrating when simple things just aren't there. 


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No problem.  I think the idea with Skype, and Windows 8 in general for that matter, was to imitate one of the greatest strengths (simplicity) of their biggest competitors, at least in the desktop market, (Apple) in an effort to gain back some of the customers they have lost.  It's a great idea, as the masses seem to love simplicity, but it needs to be done carefully.  Simply removing features, regardless of whether or not the features in question are useful or necessary, is not the way to do it.  They should shave off the features that *don't* positively impact the user experience, and structure menus in an easy to navigate and easy to understand fashion.  It's like they said "OK, let's take out 60% of the options in everything.  That'll do it.  Put 'em all in a hat and we'll see what we end up with."


I think Windows 8 could have been amazing if done properly, and could have finally unified desktop and mobile.  But as it is, it really does not seem to be ready for primetime.

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Figured out a very technical and complicated way to fix this, but it's not for the weak of heart.  It is easy to use once set up, but rather hard to configure.  If you are feeling adventurous, check out my post that starts with "FINALLY - The ability to adjust Skype's volume".  (Not sure about Skype's policy on posting links to other forum posts.)

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