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Video quality problems (Skype Windows 8 Store app)

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I have recently bought Asus tablet with Windows 8 32bit. The problem I am experiencing is with the brightness of the video while using skype. It is very dark during video call. I have tried it with both cameras of my tablet. The lighting conditions are very good. I have a 4 year old laptop which has camera which is not as good as this tablet's but it produces a very bright and good quality video while using skype in the same conditions. I have tried changing the camera settings through camera app but to no effect. I resorted to skype for desktop. Again the video was very dark. I tried changing the video settings through this skype but as I save the settings, skype force closes and when next time I open skype for windows it is not able to detect my webcam. Can somebody please advise? I would really appreciate any help and support. Thanks.

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Which version of Skype are you using?
Which exact model of Asus laptop are you using on which you are experiencing dark video?
Do you experience dark video in Windows 8 Camera app?

Thank you

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The version of Skype app from windows store is

The version of skype for desktop is

I am using Asus VivoTab Smart me400c.

Default settings of Windows Camera app and Asus Camera app, both show my video as dark but the settings can be changed on both the app to output a better video. Although, change of these settings do not have any effect on Skype app or Skype for Desktop.

Skype app does not have any option to change video settings whereas Skype for Desktop does give that option but as I have mentioned in my previous post, when I change those settings on Skype for desktop, it force closes and when after a few minutes a start skype for desktop again, it does not detects my camera. I have to restart the Tablet for the camera to be detected again by Skype for dekstop. I hope this information would help you to figure out the problem. I would really appreciate the support to help solve this problem. Thanks.

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We unfortunately don't have the exact tablet model as you do, but when we test the behaviour of cameras and set brightness in Win8 Camera App it also adjust the brightness in Skype.

What happens when you set high brightness in Win8 Camera App and then close restart Win8 Camera App. Is the brightness still high?

Thank you

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Hey I am having a problem with the video quality as well. When I skype my sister the view is very bad on both sides. We both have the same laptop as well and are using windows 8. We are also using the default camera on the laptop. If you guys can get back to me and find a solution to this that would  be awesome!!

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Most probably you have a bad Internet connection with your sister, but to be sure in that only logs would give us a definite answer. Can you generate logs as described here and send the log file to kmudrovcic at hotmail?

Thank you

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I had the same problem, but with a Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, a 13th months later.

When Skype is on, my own image seems dark. I do not know what is happening. Could you help me?

Thank you,

Hi Ricardo, Could you please go to Win8.1 Camera application, right mouse click on video, and on appeared menu on bottom part of screen, select 'Exposure' setting. There you can adjust darkness of the video. The setting will be saved and used in Skype. Let me know if it helps.
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Hi i am having the same problem with my vaio laptop the brightness is really bad and even if i change the brightness on my camera setting it gets brighter but the contrast is not visible so you can't see yourself at all. Skype on my oldest computer used to work better and now with windows 8 its really horrible

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Hi kc1001,


Does the problem happen only on Modern Skype? Can you please try installing Skype for Desktop and check if you see the same issue there? Here is a download.


If problem happens only on Modern Skype, please collect the logs and attach them to your next post. To get the log, follow instruction here (make sure, you have file in format debug-20140102-1356#1.log in archive. If its not there, please kill Skype in Task Manager, and try again).


Thank you!

Kind regards,


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