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Video not working on Windows 8 Surface RT

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I have attempted to Skype with a friend via my Surface RT Windows 8.  We connect and can hear each other but no video.  Every time I press the video start button, it flashes on momentarily and then goes off.   This is not a problem on my Windows 7 laptop.

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Can you please make sure that both you and your Skype friend have the latest Skype version. Your issue seems to be caused by one of you having an outdated Skype version.

Which Skype version are you using?
Which Skype version and platform (Mac, iOS, Windows...) is your friend using?

Thank you

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In my case, surface rt, skype ver, target hears me, no video, i see him but no audio


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Which platform (Windows, Mac, Android...) and version of Skype is the other side using?

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The other side is using Windows 8, skype version  Also, I have tried to upgrade my Skype on the RT and there seems to be no way to do it and no nice message that says 'there is no upgrade for your system'.

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But you can see yourself, right? 
Are you using front or back camera? Does it happen on both cameras?

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I see myself and am usiing the front camera.  If I switch to rear camera, the other side sees a flick from black to my still picture then in 1/2 second back to black.(I see my back picture).  Same scenario when I switch back to front camera.(flick from black to flash of my portrait then back to black)

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Additional information:  Yahoo works as it should on another computer.  No camera or audio problems.  Skype on this other computer gives the identical symptoms as on the RT.

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more additional information .... this problem only happens when communicating with a windows 8 system.  The RT works when communicating with other Operating Systems including windows 7.

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Do you have problems if you only use fron tcamera without switching to back?

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