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Unable to change profile picture on Skype (Windows 8)

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I followed the instructions provided here:
First, I started Skype. Second, I selected my profile. Third, I selected my profile picture. However, it failed to do anything. Upon clicking it multiple times, I see a text box flash along the bottom of my computer screen that states Open or Cancel, but it disappears within milliseconds. Basically, I'm supposed to be able to click open to proceed and change my profile picture.
How do I fix this?

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Same problem seen. When will this be addressed?



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I am experiencing the same problem.

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Me too!  Help???!!!

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Echo the request.. does anyone have an anwer yet?

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This is a global problem for W8, why are we being ignored??

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Still a problem in April 2014. Any support yet?


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To change your profile picture on Skype (Windows 8)


1. Start Skype.

2. Tap or click your profile icon to bring up the profile side bar.

3. Select your profile picture.

4. Go to a folder where you have the picture you’d like to use and select the picture.

5. The picture you’ve just selected appears as ticked.

6. In the bottom right corner of the screen, tap or click Open.

7. The new picture is now displayed as your profile picture.

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I guess never and they are to stupid to follow thier own development guidelines and the programmer should be fired. RIGHT click should allow us to change the picture on EVERY version, this isn't LINUX none of us including the numerous people who have spent countless hours trying to fix it should have to go through this. Load the DESKTOP version and fix it REAL easy like it should be in the other versions and save your self the hassle. Google does things like this, let's make it so simple that is makes no sense at all, hide everything and let the user find it. Windows got where it is today because of standards and being able to trust there is some consistancy to the apps dont jack it up now.

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