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Unable to change Profile picture in Windows 8

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I recently upgraded to Windows 8.  The upgrade imported a picture from my Windows 7 Skype, and now I am unable to change the profile picture.  There is no menu at the top in Windows 8, which prevents me from changing the profile picture.

What are my options for correcting this, and also how does one sign out of Skype in Windows 8?


Thanks so much.

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I too, just bought a new laptop with windows 8. I really need to change my profile picture and can not figure out how??? Please help!

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Run Skype. Click on your Profile Picture.




Click again.



Now Browse and Select the new picture, then Click Open.

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Although I'd love to provide a proper response, unfortunately I too have only questions, which I'd hope someone could answer. "Opening Skype and clicking on the picture" isn't as helpful as one would hope. With Windows 8 -- in either mode, through either Google Chrome or IE10 -- there is not only no menu or options with either right or left clicking, but no clear way to change a profile picture through any other means. I've tried everything I could think of -- literally wasting HOURS trying to change this thing. Googling the question gets me only fixes that don't appear to apply. In fact, the lack of coherent help regarding anything having to do with Windows 8 is nothing short of mindboggling -- and I consider myself a pretty good finder-of-information normally!!! I read elsewhere in these forums (unfortunately lost to me now that I have signed in) that it may be a problem relating to whether my browser is 32 or 64 bit (if I read it right). I have since tried to load Chrome in 64 bit.... probably unsuccessfully, given I still can't seem to do much differently. Being a bit of a techno-dud I don't know how to check which version I now have as even with the "about:version" function, the reply isn't definitive to my untrained eye (unless WOW64 means something?). I need things somewhat dummied down. I'm totally new to both Windows 8 and Skype (and for that matter Google Chrome, having always been a Firefox fan, which apparently is not working properly for Windows 8). ANY help that might be available would be greatly appreciated in making this experience less frustrating. Thank you for whatever you can do!!!
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Apologies for that huge block of text. Apparently my formatting was abandoned upon submission! Totally unintentional rudness on my part.
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Have you seen this FAQ?


In any case, this has NOTHING to do with your browser. You need to Run Skype application and not any browser. However, if you are seeing a folder with WoW64 on your computer, then this means that your system is 64-bit, but this is not relevant in your case.

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Thank you for your help. Unfortunately, I had seen that page, and followed the directions as best I could, without the desired results. Unfortunately, my options to the bottom right of my pictures library are Slide Show, Select All, and Import. On the left, I have Clear Selection, 1 Selected (thumbnail of my chosen pic) and Delete. A right click merely closes the bar, and there appears to be no way to copy the picture. Sorry about the TMI on the browser. I was led to believe in another thread that this might be relevant. And THANK YOU!!!! :-)
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I think most of the readers in this forum will be running 64-bit, surely?  So, I wonder if we could be told how to change our profile pictures on 64-bit Windows 8 - whatever that uses?  


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run skype; click on the upper right hand side where your small pic is; it will open another paga where you can see a bigger picture; click on it and there you go......
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run skype; click on the upper right hand side where your small pic is; it will open another paga where you can see a bigger picture; click on it and there you go......
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