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Surface Tablet Video Problem

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I have downloaded skype from the MS store.  When I contact any of my contacts the video turns off and my contacts cannot turn their video on.  The video is on during the connection process as I can see myself on the lower right section of the screen but as soon as they answer the video turns off and I cannot turn it on.  I have contacted MS Surface support.  I have reset my Surface twice.  Uninstalled skype several times and reinstalled skpe.  MS Surface support says it is a skype issue.  Please help as this is very fristating

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Same problem here...
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Hi, can you please specify few things:

Which version of Skype are you using?
Which platform (Windows 8, Android, Mac, iOs...),machine and Skype version is remote side (the person you are callling) using?

Thank you

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We tried to reproduce the issue that you are experiencing but without success, so we would really appreciate if you could generate logs like described here.

Also, it would be really great if other side (Mac user) could also generate logs and if you could send both side logs to use, assuming that logs are generating while you are experiencing that issue (no video).

Thank you in advance

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Can you please ask your contacts that use Mac to update to the latest Skype version.
Your issue might be caused by the fact they were using the outdated Mac client.

Link to the latest Skype client for Mac is here.

Thank you

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