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Sorry. The camera app cannot be used with this version of windows. FIX!!!!

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For some funny reason it didnt even involve the camera drivers. i was using ATI catalyst Control. Which apparently had conflict with the camera. 

Windows Logo + C 
Search "Device Manager" -->Settings
Locate "Display Adapter"

Right Click on the Adapter for "Properties"

Select the tab that has "Driver"

Select "ROLLBACK DIVER!!!!!" 

this is what worked for me and most other people. it may not work for everyone.

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IT WORKED!!! Thank you so much, I have been trying to fix it for several days now. I had the exact same driver as well. By the way do you get a message at everytime you log into your desktop

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If its the Runtime error you have to go into AMD Control Catalyst software and disable vari bright. then hit apply and restart! (note the message also come up when u unplug charger or plug it in!) hope this helped

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The newest ATI CCC does that and oh so much more.  If Just the driver is installed in stead of the full package it seems to help several problems including BSOD'S


Good Post

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Attached I put the runtime error I got....thanks so much once again....

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Try Below:


You can uninstall the software for your graphics card and use Windows generic driver instead.


Click Start, type devmgmt.msc and press enter.

Locate the graphics card

Right click on the device and select uninstall

Also place a check mark beside the option "delete driver files for the device"

Restary your computer.


Uninstall additional software from the Control Panel.

Restart your computer.


Lets windows install the driver for your graphics card.

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Is this the solution for the webcam not working with skype on windows 8?

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It's working i tested it now on my windows 8. i bought the c270 logitech webcamera and i had problem on camera app and on skype. i tried your solution and now is working on both applications!! thanks a lot!!!

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Just one big con of this method is that hardware HD decoder doesn't work with this driver


P.S. I have the same ATI HD 4200 video card

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Workwd for me! I have an ATI 4000 series adapter.  thank you so much!

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