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Skype for windows 8, profile picture?

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I have read all the how-tos about this but they don't work! Everytime I click on the icon, it logs me out!!!! So I have no way of changing my picture, how do I fix this, it's driving me CRAZY?!

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Im having the same problem too. I cant change my bleeping pic and it is verry annoying. Why they got to go change everything? at least make sure your how to do works for creeps sake. Im uninstalling and downloding an older version of skype. Sheeeesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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If it's doing that, there's something wrong.

The way it's *supposed* to work is that you click on your little icon that's round and it brings up a sidebar on the right. Once that comes up, you click your large profile picture and it is *supposed* to bring up the Modern/Metro file explorer in your pictures folder/directory.
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An alternate way of bringing up the profile sidebar is to bring up the Charms menu and choose settings (the gear icon), then when that sidebar changes, select Profile.

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Thanks, but yea, the charms aint working. Did that but- all BUT the profile button provides options to what you want to do. Any other suggestions?

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What do you mean "the charms aint working"? Can you be more specific about it? Are you saying you can't bring up the Charms menu at all? If so, is it just in Skype that you can't bring up the Charms menu, or is it in other programs as well? How about when you use the Windows key and the letter C?

Or do you mean something else?

When the charms menu appears, and you click the gear icon, is there no "profile" option? If there IS a profile option, does it log you out when you click on it?

I'm just trying to guess here, I need more info.

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I have the same problem. When I click on the profile button, skype closes. I tried the charms menu. It opened and I hit profile, same thing. It closed skype, almost like it crashed.


I hate Windows 8.....

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Thank you so much Kizzume - it took me a while to find your post and figure it out but as soon as I did it worked. You call up charms form within Skype. Thanks again

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