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Skype for Windows 8... cannot find -any- configuration options

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Just got a laptop with Windows 8 today.  Downloaded Skype and found out it's radically different (quite awful actually... what were they thinking?).  I cannot find a single configuration option at all.  No File, no Options, no way to configure microphone or webcam, the only two options I can find are Add Contact and Save Number.  There appears from all outward appearances to be absolutely nothing configurable about this new terrible iteration of Skype.  Does anyone know what hoops I have to jump through to get some config options available?  To test my microphone, webcam, adjust values and properties?


Any help would be appreciated...

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If it's the "Metro" version you downloaded from the Windows store, you might download and install the traditional, or "desktop" version.   The desktop version may be more like what you're accustomed to.


You can download the full installer via this link:

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Thanks so much, that did the trick.  Skype is back to its configurable self! 

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In windows 8 all the apps share the same behaviour, just move the mouse on the right of the monitor to show the charm bar with all the details
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