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Skype for Window8 is terrible and I want everything back the way it was.

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I downloaded Skype on a new Windows8 PC. I have righ- clicked, left-clicked and done everything I can think of to see any resemblance of what I see on my other computers that use Windows7 (controls, contact list, help, how to change my online, away, offline, invisible, clear history, etc.)
I also don't have all of my contacts on W8 as with W7!
I can't work with it at all nor control anything on it.
Is there a way for me to get the same or similar looking type version with controls as I had with Windows7? Please, help!



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‎28-08-2015 11:00

The standard desktop client functions on Windows 8 just fine.  You can remove the app and use it.


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Accepted as a solution by AmazingGrace-Hi
‎28-08-2015 11:00

The standard desktop client functions on Windows 8 just fine.  You can remove the app and use it.


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You are wonderful! Thank you so much for this link that has my Skype back to the way I'm used to it!


I can't thank you enough!!!



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I have moved from windows xp to windows 7 and have the same frustrating problems as you Grace.
let me know if you find a way through this pls.
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Grace, you're WONDERFUL, I was in exactly the same position with Windows 8, I hated it!!!  I used the link that someone provided you with and like you, I've got my "old" Skype back.  Brilliant.  I'm having a nightmare with so many things on Windows 8, it took me 2 hours to burn a cd of photos for my son this morning, so your situation has cheered me up no end.  Many thanks.  Jilly :-)



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Windows 8 would only direct me to their store to DL SKYPE, and I couldn't due to some error. Fortunately that link given above had me DL straight from and it appears to be working just fine now.


I am hating my Windows 8 experience as well. I am not a fan of Windows/Microsoft in the first place, so them requiring a Microsoft ID to even get my new computer started for the first time was a BIG turn off.

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They call it Immersion Mode, I call it Drowning Mode.


Someone tell Gates that not everyone has or wants a Damm touchscreen!


I Need file/edit/help menus, I am NOT going to try to learn magic hand swipes....especially when I DONT HAVE A DAMM TOUCHSCREEN!


I will never shop at Best Buy again...they sold me this crap w/o telling me Win8 makes a non-touchscreen near useless and extremely frustrating.

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Here would have been a great post that actually praised Microsoft and offered to help you with Windows 8 usability, but I deleted it, as all [post] did is tell me I have invalid HTML and that it removed it.   (but still won't post!)

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Thank you techfreak, you saved the day for me too. I downloaded it, am installing it now, hoping for the best.
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Thanx from me, too, techfreak. The Windows 8 Skype is just a nasty, horrible UI without flexibility, a stupid user interface without any positive qualities, as far as I can tell. Yech! Windows 8 is a challenge at best and a horror at worst, and so far, Skype for Windows 8 is the very worst app I've seen for this OS. I'll get used to it, but my dislike of Microsoft has grown by several orders of magnitude.

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