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Skype Windows 8 problems - where is everything? + Can't get voicemails & recent calls

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I can't figure it out

Windows 8 version of Skype seems to be a seriously slimmed down version


I can't find settings for any advanced options (yes, I've been to Options)


Importantly: it doesn't give me a valid history!!

I'll get an email saying that I've got a voicemail - but on Windows 8 I can't see it anywhere!

I have to resort to getting out my iPad


This sucks

Or am I just missing something?


The only option for Windows 8 is to download through the app store


Need help!

I can't survive like this!







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Same here , the design of Skype for Windows 8 is seriously flawed. I cannot even see how to make a call, support tells me that there should be a new call icon in the top left corner of the home screen but I cannot see it. Does anybody understand Skype for windows 8 if so please enlighten me



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Boy do I agree with that I still havent figured out how to add people to group calls with this new piece of crap

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i don't get it

i thought it just might be me

i was hoping a kind person would come along and point out where to get the settings i needed


this is runing my life + business

windows 8 - i love

skype windows 8: sucks


skype has got zillions of users, how the heck can they release a full version of the program that is lacking in 30% of essential functions????

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I did just simply install windows 7 insted.


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I agree: in their haste to mimic some sort of smartphone interface, they appear to have got rid of essential and useful features (like voicemail and records) and come up with what appears to be total rubbish if you just want to use it for voice phone calls, as I bet most of their core users do.


Does anyone know if it's possible to ignore the integrated Windows 8 version, and run an older version with full functionality instead?

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yes, i did this in the end: click on 'other downloads' - or something like that

i was able to get the usual skype program

i wish i could punish skype by going to another company that offers the same service

they don't give a flying **** (i put the stars in myself!)

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Likewise I'm getting very frustrated trying to get started...signed in...can see my credit, but thats all.

I have family all over the world and rely on skype for keeping in contact...have to go back to windows 7...learnt a very good lesson.

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Found this link on other forum. You can get desktop version by downloading from this link.

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I agree!! Windows 8 is terrible in general but Skype Windows 8 is leading the pack as the worst of the worst. I cannot imagine that this was field tested. What were they thinking?
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