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Skype - Windows 8 - Will not show me online

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Hi, I have installed the Skype Windows 8 App. I have signed in with my microsoft account. I have added my son as a contact. However, I am online sending him text messages, and he is online sitting beside me with his phone - online, he has accepted my contact request .... however i am shows as OFFLINE, I check on my computer and make sure that i am online and availabl, my messages dont send to him, and his messages are not sending to me, theres no way to sign out and sign back in with windows 8, it is forsure the correct HOW DO I GET MY WINDOWS 8 SKYPE to go ONLINE ???   

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I'm having the same problem! I have tried signing in and out, creating a new account, reinstalling, and I still cant get it to work  Anybody know how I can fix this?


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A mi me pasa lo mismo..., como me pongo ON-LINE en Windows 8...???

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Tap your picture then select Avalible

Plz tell me if this doen't work

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NO work

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Same problem for me since I moved to Windows 8 from Windows 7.


What is going on here? Windows 7 everything worked fine. Windows 8, I randomly show up on-line, messages come through hours later, etc. The interface is an abomination like someone from UI-101 designed it. This product has seriously regressed. Just give us the same UI and functionality in Windows 8 that was in Windows 7 and make your CUSTOMERS happy Skype!



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You can install the "normal" desktop version using the msi-installer for the currently latest Skype version.

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