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Skype App Crashes in Modern UI

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I've had skype up and running on windows 8 (modern version) until a recent skype update caused skype to start crashing on its boot up process. I've tried uninstalling through Windows 8 Modern UI and reinstalling other new versions in the store and still have had no luck. Anyone have any advice as to the cause of such a crash?


My boot error is as follows:


App <App> crashed with an unhandled Javascript exception. App details are as follows: Display Name:<Skype>, AppUserModelId: <Microsoft.SkypeApp_kzf8qxf38zg5c!App> Package Identity:<Microsoft.SkypeApp_1.6.0.114_x86__kzf8qxf38zg5c> PID:<6204>. The details of the JavaScript exception are as follows Exception Name:<WinRT error>, Description:<Unspecified error
>, HTML Document Path:</default.html>, Source File Name:<ms-appx://microsoft.skypeapp/default.html>, Source Line Number:<199>, Source Column Number:<5>, and Stack Trace: ms-appx://microsoft.skypeapp/default.html:199:5 rethrowPromiseError()
ms-appx://microsoft.skypeapp/default.html:1:172 WinRT Promise.done()()
ms-appx://microsoft.skypeapp/default.html:1:99 Windows.Foundation.IAsyncOperation`1<Windows.Storage.StorageFile>()



StackTracems-appx://microsoft.skypeapp/default.html:199:5 rethrowPromiseError() ms-appx://microsoft.skypeapp/default.html:1:172 WinRT Promise.done()() ms-appx://microsoft.skypeapp/default.html:1:99 Windows.Foundation.IAsyncOperation`1<Windows.Storage.StorageFile>() 


(p.s. desktop version of skype works fine)

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Can you please follow these instructions and give us the logfile please?


Thanks in advance. 

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I have been having the exact same problems. I do not know how to fix and I have even "Refreshed" my PC and lost all of my programs. 


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Thanks for directing me to that page for instructions. My log file is attached in the zip below, if you need any more information please let me know!

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