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Running Skype in the background of other programs

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Novel Tourist

I cant figure out how to run Skype in the background of any programs. I don't want to just keep it running so I can take calls, I want to be able to keep my call going while I'm on the windows tile screen or playing games on steam. I'm aware you can drag the Skype window into a corner of the screen to keep the call going but this doesn't work with steam as the games full screen themselves cutting off the call. And the tile screen (windows 8 home) does the same. Any help would be much appreciated :cattongue:

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Novel Tourist

Same problem, This is the reason why I did not want Windows 8. They have to make everything so much more complicated than it really needs to be. I wish I could just download the Skype program onto my laptop rather than the stupid app.


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You can install the currently latest Skype desktop version using this msi-installer:

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