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No video on Windows 8 Skype

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Casual Adventurer

An update to my previous post.

Today, in Microsoft Store, there is an update to the Skype for Windows 8 app (metro app).

I installed it, and now Skype is showing the camera working in the Camera settings in the Options.

However, the video/picture is green.

I hope somebody from the Skype support team reads this and pass this info back to the development team so they can come up with a fix.


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Novel Adventurer

I am having a similar issue with the Skype app. In settings, it shows the app has access to the built-in webcam and mic, however when I try to make a call it doesn't acknowledge that I've made one. Nothing changes with the chat screen. The audio works (the caller can hear me, and I can hear him), but the video and regular chat don't work. All drivers are up to date. 

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Former Staff

It seems that we fixed the green video problem and the fix will be included in the next Skype update (1.3 version). We verified the issue on one of the affected laptop models so we think that it will solve most, if not all the green video reported problems.

Thank you for your help and patience.

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Casual Tourist

Bought a Samsung series 9 today and downloaded skype for windows 8. Same issue as everyone else - microphone recognised but webcam unable to be recognised despite it working fine on laptop. drivers obviously up to date. No green screen. Please help solve!

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Novel Adventurer
The person I video call can only see a green screen, however I see them just fine, help
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Former Staff

Hi, please update Skype to the latest version 1.3 in which green video issue is fixed.

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Novel Adventurer

i there still no video in the app but strangly it is ok on the desktop version. Its probably an OS problem and not the app really.

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Novel Adventurer

Same issue - no video cam in Metro even after the upgrade.  This is really frustrating and pathetic.  Who tests this stuff before it goes out?

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Former Staff

Hi, did you check all of the things mentioned in this topic:

If you did, and your webcam works in Camera App, but not in Skype, could you please specify which device are you using and which Skype version are you using and maybe provide logs like described here (Windows 8 section):

Thank you

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Novel Adventurer

The latest update fixed the problem with no video. 

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