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No phone call button on my contact

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I used Windows Live Messenger for a long time and thought I should switch to the new Skype when I got the Windows 8 machine. So I downloaded Skype from Windows Store, login using my Live ID and saw my Messenger contacts. But when I click a contact, I don't see any call button. It just asked me to type some message. How do I do the skype-to-skype call to my Messenger contacts?


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How do I call, instant message and text my Messenger buddies in Skype for Windows 8?

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Novel Adventurer

The problem is there is no "green call button" in my contact picture. All I see is just my contact's picture, and he is online available. How do I make the "green call button" show up?


The "Echo/Test Sound Service" does have a "green call button". But none of my Messenger contacts have that button.

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