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No Video With Only One Contact

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Casual Tourist

I and one other person (both in the US) cannot share video with each other when using two specific computers. We are both on each other's Contact list. We both can share video with other contacts on our lists, so the problem is specific to our connection. The problem is also specific to my Surface RT. When logging in to my account from Skype on a Windows 7 machine, my video shared immediately, the other party had to unshare video and share it again for it to show to me.


When I try to call this person (again, only this person, and only on Surface, and only me for that person), video does not share. The "share video" button is blue with a slash through it. When I click it, it shares for a brief second, and then immeidately reverts to audio only.

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I have EXACTLY the same problem since upgrading to the latest skype for mac. It is only from ONE computer and only with ONE of my contacts. Somebody help please.
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Yes I have this problem as well I'm trying to video chat with someone but it never seems to work or even the audio, they say that nothing is wrong with there computer so it must be mine. I have a windows 8 HP laptop, and the call always ends instantly everytime I answer or make a call/video chat. I do have a webcam too just FYI... 


Can anyone help? I've checked the settings, it seems to be fine.

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Former Staff


Can you please double check the contact you are calling has the latest Skype version?
Please find out which platform (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS...) is other side using and which Skype version.
Usually the issue you are describing is caused by an outdated Skype version.
I hope up to date Skype on both sides will solve your problem.

Thank you

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Novel Adventurer

Thanks Kerojarun but we have done all you suggest and still no luck.   It is very frustrating as I have not been able to make this video call now since we upgraded to the latest Skype software. Perhaps it has something to do with us both being on quite old macs but in anycase, it's not working!


Can you please let us know how to uninstall the software and then to install the OLD software which was working fine.  That would be great!



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You can right-click on the Skype icon in the start screen of Windows 8 and choose uninstall. After that you can download and install Skype for Desktop. But still, other side needs to have the latest Skype version. So if it is Mac, it needs to be latest Skype for Mac.
If it still doesn't work, please write both yours and other sides Skype version and platform.

Thank you

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