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Need old style Skype version for Windows 8

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Having problems in Windows 8 Skype version. 

1. How do I create a group. There is no option to create any group. How do we do it?

2. How do you log out of the Skype on this new version for Windows 8.

3. Is there any option to change the user interface to old version look and feel.



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Unfortunately, the answer is NO.


You can’t group contacts in modern version of Skype.


Please See-

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Go to - there's a way to install the old version of Skype there. 

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Deinstall Win8 app. Goto Select download, select desktop version (instead of win8 version). The installer should automatically choose the version that works for your windows (tested with win8 64bit).
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Asitha wrote:

Go to - there's a way to install the old version of Skype there. 

Thank you so much! This worked perfect and is a lifesaver. Much appreciated!

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Big thanks man. You're a genius. I hate new styled Skype for windows 8 – it's terrible. In-fact I even switched back to win7 just for that reason until you said about the desktop version being available on win8 - Awesome. Windows 8 is pretty good with pokki installed to get your start button back and desktop version of Skype. Cheers.  

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Chilli71, your advice was a lifesaver. Thank you!  I rely on Skype for business, and life came to a screeching halt when I tried to navigate the new Skype for Windows 8.  The redesign is a complete misery (a bit like Win8).

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You saved my life
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This is by far the most disgusting Windows sins I been using a computer , Nothing works , I cant have access to skype anything i try is not working, can't get the icon on the desktop. I am about to puke all over the place ! DISGUSTING I AM sweetching to Apple , at least I don't need to learn how to use a computer again. Windows 8 is disgusting!!!

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The reason why you can't put the app on your desktop is because it's not a desktop app. Everything in the windows store will be in your start menu. It really isn't that hard to use, Microsoft just made the focus of the OS, the start menu. Microsoft is also releasing a new update which will allow you to use your desktop as the main focus and you will have a start menu button once again, so calm down. Switching to apple won't help anything. Instead of you know, downgrading to windows 7, you're going to go and buy a 1000 dollar laptop/desktop. Perfect sense right?


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