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How to uninstall Skype for Windows 8 (No uninstall option allowed) & Desktop option missing...

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Novel Adventurer

So, I;ve been having lots of problems with this new version of skype, is just a headache.



  • It crashes every second.
  • The call just drop alone. At least older skypes would ask you your opinion of the call.. this one just closes and has no error message.
  • I can't edit or delete text in my chats.
  • It's a full screen app. Who says I just want to chat on my laptop? This may be useful in a Cellphone, but not in my PC. 
  • It's not personal, just a design you must accept.
  • If I have a call, just makes all the sounds lower than skype... Another headache.
  • I can't have a decent video call while multitasking in something else. This is a PC I want to be able to have a video chat while writing or doing something else, with out the need to keep alt+tab all the time. And No... Multitask with only apps from windows is not what I mean. 
  • No screen sharing!
  • On voicecalls I can't see who's talking.
  • I can't put my bussy (red) mode on.
  • I can't see the little icon on my desktop when I get new messages.
  • I can't turn off the sounds for the outcoming calls.



Good points.

It's pretty... horray? Is indeed pretty. But that's it.


Srsly Microsoft, please, PLEASE don't make all programs sooo "user friendly". This is not friendly at all.



My Current Problem: I'm not allowed to uninstall skype.

The screenshot:






I also wanted to search for a desktop option:

Shared by user Tamin:


But the program wont download since says it's corrupted or just a blank page.


But the download link redirects me to the app skype for windows 8 that I want to uninstall.


Please help!



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Novel Tourist

dono if it works but you may try the 2 following sugestions:

1. from the 'Start' view go to 'Applications' view by clicking the arrow at the bottom of the page. then try removing skybe from there.

2. open search from the up-left corner and search for application removal (or somthing like that, engkish is not my defualt language). then try removing skype from there.

i must warn that i did not 'try this at home' because i am 'ok' with my skype (i am not using it musch).

i used a solution you gave, so i hope this will help...

best of luck

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