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How to edit a contacts name

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Novel Tourist

How do you edit a contacts name in Skype for Windows 8 as I group and add the company name of the people on my Skype list or like to change people random Skype ID to something meaningful.


I have tried left/right click on the name / contact etc and nothing.

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Community Manager
Contact name editing is not supported yet in Skype for Windows 8. Please use the Skype for Windows Desktop application to edit contact details:

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Casual Tourist
Wow! Incredible! How could an App be released with such a basic and important feature missing. That's sort of like selling a keyboard without a delete key!
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Novel Adventurer

How can I edit a contacts name in Skype? I incorrectly typed the name and now I want to go back and correct it. Thank you!

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Casual Tourist

If I download the Skype for Windows desktop application and use it to edit my skype contacts, will those edits show up in my Skype for Windows 8 contact list and my Skype program on my Android phone?


Thanks - LRKP06

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Casual Tourist
how do i edit my skype name?
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Novel Tourist
Thanks! Been looking for this solutions! Life-saver
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Casual Tourist
I've tried it... it doesn't work
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Casual Adventurer

there are only two thing skype app can't do - can't do this and can't do that.

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