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How to NOT merge accounts?

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Every time I log into the Skype app it keeps asking me for a Microsoft account and trying to merge my Skype and MS there any way I can use the Skype app WITHOUT merging with any Microsoft account?

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I also do NOT want to merge. I did it the first time but contacted support to unmerge me because there is a big with Windows messenger. Friends you message will continue to receive last conversations multiple times which is annoying for them and also annoying to me that I'm spamming mu friends.

If they do not allow Skype without merging accounts, I think it is a big mistake. other platforms do not require this (android,ios) so why should we?

My windows phone doesn't require merging, and I sure as hell hope that wont change on wp8
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It's so **bleep** stupid that you have to merge your account with windows 8. I run Windows 8 at work now and also I from yesterday I run it from home. I have one Microsoft account for work and a seperate for home. So what happens? I merged the Skype account with the work account so I can't use it on Windows 8 at home. IT'S SO **bleep** STUPID.

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I have merged my skype id with a microsoft account for testing purpose but now I want to associate it with my actual primary microsoft account but do not know how to disassociate. Any help will be appreciated.

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email support, they will unmerge your account.

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THIS is so DUMB.  I setup windows 8 on the Media machine in my house for testing purposes.  Not know what i was doing i downloaded the skype app (which is horrible btw) and logged in using my regular skype account.  Now my skype is merged with my family's TV PC.  (i assume i chose to merge).  I deleted the skype app and just decided to use the desktop app. However my skype contacts are now locked into my TV Media center account and the only way to fix this to send an email into the "ether" and hope someone at Microsoft / Skype will unmerge it??  Its a good thing i don't have any private contacts *sarcasm* 


I know that sounded convoluted but bottom line is Microsoft is or used to be about choice.  If i wanted them to tell me how to use my information i would have just gotten an I-Device... smh disappointed.

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Is there and answer to this?

I do not want to use my microsoft account to log on to skype on my win 8 computer

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Modern Skype supports only login with the Microsoft Account.


If you do not want to merge accounts then you can install Skype desktop client and sign into Skype with your Skype details.

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Go into the skype app, and click your name on the right side. A menu will pop up, and click on account. Once the webpage loads, click on account settings. There should be a button that allows you to disconnect your ms account from your skype account.
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If you have Windows 8, the default Skype installed is 'Skype for Windows 8' which requires you to have a Microsoft account to sign in. 

So going to lets you download Skype for Windows Desktop which is the GOOD OLD SKYPE people are accustomed to. 

Basically 'Skype fo Windows 8' and 'Skype for Windows Desktop' are two different entities and you would want to use the latter. So download the good old version from the website, have it on your desktop and use it. y):

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