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How do I use my old non-Microsoft Skype account to login to Skype?

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I have a legit account to login to Skype with on my Windows 7 installed app and on my phone.


I installed Windows 8 and installed Skype through Metro UI and it doesn't let me use my Skype login.  It asks for a Microsoft account now, I guess this means a Live ID.


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Feedback for Microsoft: 


Angered that i'd have to ask all of my contacts to now readd me elsewhere I added a new "Live" Skype account

After adding my Skype account it had an option to automatically add in all of my contacts and details from a previous Skype account.

Gave my name/password from the other Skype account and happy happy joy joy.


What a confusing experience.  I didn't know what to do.  I felt like I was left hanging.  I got angry.  Made a new account.  Then found out I was saved.  Real cute.

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totally idiotic on the part of the microsoft.  just use the desktop version, which completely defeats the purpose of having windows 8. [edited for inappropriate language]were they thinking?  makes no sense

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Terrible this new skype, they are not thinking in the customer, nothing easy and if you use a laptop without touch screen it is almost desperate, skype was better in other OS.


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What were they thinking? To lock you into Microsoft everywhere, that's what. I'm just starting my Windows 8 experience but as far as I can tell, the only real goal of having to go through the start page befor accessing my desktop is to make it more cumbersome to use non-microsoft software.

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no thought required to understand what they were thinking...  This move FORCES everyone to get a mail account with them.  I hope Micro$loth and Unca Billy burn in hell one day.

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What you really men is that Skype was better before Micro$loth mangled it with their molesting maws.

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