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How do I delete my skype messages

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I've just got a new laptop and its got windows 8 on it and skype was already installed on it before I got it. So when I went on it I used skype straight away. I am now trying to delete my chats and I have no idea how. I don't have an options button or a tools button. So how do I delete my chats?

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Try SkypeX:

It allows you to delete messages one by one from Skype. I haven't tried on Win 8 yet, but it works well on Win7. 

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Try Below:


Run Skype >> Win + C >> Settings >> Options >> Clear History.


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I was so frustrated with this this morning that I almost threw my laptop out the window.  And the tech support woman was of no help to me.

You have to move your mouse all the way over to the bottom right of your screen, you'll see the power settings devices share search stuff.  click settings.

then privacy.

then you'll see where you can clear the history.


Good luck.  

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deleting chat history can be done via the following steps:






then clicking on 'clear history' & 'save'


this will remove everything, and also note that it is only removed from your skype account, the conversation is still visible in the recipients skype account


to remove specific messages that will also be removed from the recipients account, you can highlight the text and choose 'remove', this however can onnly be done for what you have written, and also seems to have a time limit (i was unable to remove old messages in this way)


Hope this helps

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on google it saids i can delete my message on skype but i cant figure it can u walk me through on how to delete them plz

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