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How do I change my profile photo, windows 8

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I am using windows 8 & cannot change my profile picture, any ideas?

Also I have no way to search for new skype users?

I guess from what I have read here I need a task bar which I do not Have?

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In the initial screen of Skype for Windows 8 (the one listing recent conversations, favourites, contacts, etc.) a thumbnail of your current picture, with your subnick and a coloured dot indicating your current online status should appear. Look for it at the top right of the Skype screen, it's there even if you dock Skype to a side of the desktop. If you click that, a side panel appears with your account information, a textbox to change your subnick, etc. Clicking on your current picture (above the subnick textbox) will open a file selector to replace it with a new one.


If you are not at the initial Skype screen, right click and two bars will appear; the top bar will have a Skype icon that should take you to the initial screen.

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Click on your current image and you will see where your current image's location (which path on your computer).  There is a 'down' arrow "ν" on the right of "Files".  Click on the arrow and you'll see a list of paths on your computer.  Then you may look for any images on your computer to replace your current one.  It took me a while to figure out.  I don't like SKYPE on Window 8 at all.  There are only "online" and "invisible" for status.  No other options.

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I just installed the Skype Desktop and regained all of my capabilities.  apparently I was trying the use the pre-installed version on 8.1.  The self-installed  desktop version works much better. 

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Skype on Windows 8 is a huge disappointment, I mean HUGE! I don't know where to start....basically you have little or no control over anything!!!  Let's AGILE development methodology with a lot of offshore resources where no one is held accountable for anything and at the bottom of the priority list is customer satisfaction....SOUND ABOUT RIGHT!

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Have you tried to install the normal desktop version? The currently latest Skype desktop version can be installed using this msi-installer:

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I got so frustrated trying this that I eventually resorted to changing my photo on my i-phone - it worked perfectly - you click on the photo in your profile and can choose a save photo to replace it.

If you have another smartphone other than i-phone I would suggest trying the same thing if you have skype installed as an app - windows 8 is a pain.


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Thank you, your step by step was sooooo easy.

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In windows 8.1 is real easy just go to your top right coner and click on the little cecle than a window shoud come over from the right click on the pictur on top and chuse a pictur from you PC thaks =]

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I had this problem just now. The advice was helpful, but it left out one step. You need to have the intended photo in your pictures folder in Windows 8. Then you go into the Skype app, click your pic and the rest hapens.


Other folders may also work, but once I got a solution, I was out of there .....

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