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How do I change a Microsoft Account connected to my Skype account?

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How can I change the Microsoft Account currently connected to my Skype account?

Currently I cannot use Skype on my Microsoft Surface!


On Windows 8 RT I am forced to use the App Store Skype app which will not let me login using my Skype Account, but forces me to a Microsoft Account. However my Skype account is connected to a test Microsoft Account that Skype provides no means for me to change. Skype is also oddly absent from the attached programs management page on the Microsoft Account management site as well. So much for privacy controls.


Your support people are ill-trained to deal with this, otherwise they would not suggest I revert to the Skype app on the desktop, which of course I cannot because it is Windows 8 RT.


This is proving to be a poorly thought through action, rushed out, and now you are in damage limitation mode and not performing well.


Suggestion - Update the app ASAP to allow users to login using their standard Skype account whilst you sort out the mess with the Microsoft Accounts


Windows 8 RT + Microsoft Account + Skype = A Tsunami of support headaches in the making! 



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Having same problem. Somewhere I read a suggestion to uninstall the Windows 8 version and install the Windows 7 version. Did anyone here try it? What does Skype thing about it?

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Uninstalling the Windows 8 Modern UI version and installing the original desktop Skype App version works fine IF you are running full Windows 8 Operating System. You will need to use an earlier version of Windows to download the app from the Skype website as it tries to be clever and detects you are running Windows 8 and points you to the Windows App store instead with no traditional download option. If you have a problem getting a copy let me know I will set-up a link for you to get the latest Windows 7 version which runs just fine on Windows 8 desktop.


BEWARE though if you are running Windows 8 RT ie: on the Microsoft Surface you do not have the desktop version option as the Windows 8 RT Operating System does not support traditional x86 applications as it uses the ARM architecture. I guess Skype will never write a desktop app for this chip set since they think the Windows 8 Modern UI version is good enough.



I sum this up on my blog on the subject ‘Windows 8, Microsoft Account & Skype – A Tsunami of support in the making!’ .

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...and Skype keeps quiet - no answers. I used a account which was shared by another friend as we shared the skype account. Now that he has his own account , i want to connect to a different Microsoft account. The MS accoutn we used belongs to him and he does not want to change it. My Skype account has some money in it and i do not want to give to him. We do not speak face to face.

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You will need to initiate an online support call through Skype Support. It is an online chat session, they should follow this up with an email for you to confirm your support request and then the matter will be resolved within about 48 hours.


I had to repeat the exercise twice before I got the email from them, but it did work in the end and I was able to get my Skype Account disconnected from the undesired Microsoft Account.

Best of luck.

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I resent having to create a new account. I shall rapidly be transfering to Linux. I have never liked Microsoft or their approach to cornering users. I hope others do likewise

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I know this is old but you can login at, go to Account settings and unlink your Microsoft account. Then you can join skype account with a new Microsoft account



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Thanks PapiMigas! you solved the problem. We need to get back to skype homepage then account settings. There is a link to unlinking the skype account from your microsoft account. Thus, you can sign in as different user to to your microsoft account.

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:bigsmile: yup it's so easy 

Just visit this link !

regards :happy:

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:bigsmile: yup it's so easy 

Just visit this link !

regards :happy:

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