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How do I adjust the sound settings on my computer and in Skype for Windows 8?

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my skype working fine but i need to open volume i use right click add friend open contact and home page icon there is nothing i can see about options or volume m i ? change or use micropone boost my voice is heard weak i need to shout : (

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Just figured this out the other day!

* Move your mouse to the bottom right hand corner of the screen when your in the app to bring up the charm bar
* Select "Settings">"Options" and you'll find sound settings for skype there 

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can u show us with screen shoot i dont understand couse my origin language

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I found "Options", but still can't find a way to adjust the volume. I can test it, but not change it. Mine is too loud!

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@Claudius can u explain my voice sending low how can i fix
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I understand the question you are asking as I need the same thing.  Here is the answer, and be prepared, you are not going to like it...

Microsoft, in its infinite wisdom, has chosen not to include volume controls in the modern version of Skype.  This is my single biggest complaint about the app, although there are numerous others.


If you absolutely need volume controls, you will have to download the desktop version of Skype.  I have no idea how they feel that it is acceptable to release such an imcomplete product, but somehow it happened.  Sorry I don't have a better answer for you.

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