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Delete contacts in Skype windows 8

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Novel Adventurer

Windows 8  Skype is a joke. 

There are no tab to manage contacts in particular to delete or to block a contact  temporarly etc. 

Only to add contacts. No history button. No indication of contacts beeing online or away. 

I am totally lost as this new skype is only half as good as the old one.

Can any one help? Mayby there is something hidden that i can not see. Or Windows has lost the plot with Skype for 8. 

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Novel Adventurer

I agree. And deleting a contact is not very intuitive either. One cannot delete a contact directly from the contacts list but has to open the contact first.

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Novel Adventurer

This double click here and click there is a lot of bull and confusing as there is no tab or instuctions.

Perhaps easy when you know all but hard for new new customers.

It is amazing that the so called smart people at microcoft copied the same annoying things from apple. It took me a while to figure things out.. Skype is not made easy on 8 ..Very dissapointing 

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Novel Adventurer

I totally agree. It has gone from being functional in Window XP, vista, etc to very disfunctional in Windows 8.  Isn't new technology supposed to improve things, not take them back 10 years.


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Novel Adventurer

Skype 8 is a total joke - very frustrating and no features to speak of

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