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Change camera

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How to test my video camera on Windows8/Skype ?

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First check permissions settings.


Skype >> WinKey + C >> Settings >> Permissions >> Webcam and microphone >> drag the slider to On.



Skype >> WinKey + C >> Settings >> Options >> Video / Camera


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Point of note: You will only get to see a tiny little window of what the video will look like.

If you can't adjust the camera's settings with the Camera app that comes with Windows 8, you'll have to use the Desktop app to adjust your camera, but be warned, Skype for Windows 8 Modern may not necessarily play well with the settings you change them to. If you ARE able to adjust the settings through the Camera app, you should be golden.
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This probably doesn't apply to you, but still: If it doesn't show anything at all next to your video input selection screen in Skype once you've done what Tamim said, you may have to quit Skype completely (Ctrl F4), wait about 10 seconds (or use the Task Manager to make sure it has actually closed), and then restart Skype again and you'll get video once or possibly even twice before you'll have to restart Skype again.
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