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Change Profile Picture

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How to change skype Profile picture - skype 8 

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Run Skype. Click on your Profile Picture.




Click again.



Now Browse and Select the new picture, then Click Open.

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I'm trying to change my skype pic. Clicking on my pic doesnt work. Please help. Thanks! J

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Have you tried changing it from the desktop client?  It is not practical, but if you cannot get it to work in the modern version, it may be easier than trying to figure out how to get to work as it should.  After setting the picture you can uninstall the desktop version (though I wouldn't, the modern version is horrible in comparison).  This method is not ideal, as you would have to use the desktop version any time you wish to set it until Microsoft corrects the issue (which may never happen), but it's an "if all else fails" idea.


Alternately, if you have a smartphone you can try to set your picture from the app.  On Android, go to Profile and then tap your picture to change it.  I would assume the process on Windows Phone and iOS would be similar.


You can get the desktop version here:

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Tamim, thanks for posting that, I just got a new computer ( windows 8 ) and couldn't figure out how to do it, and wasn't able to from the website. Once I read your post, took me all of about 5 seconds to change my profile pic.

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I am lost, can these web develpers test their design and realize people like "less is best" and do not want to circle the computer with one offs to get something to work.

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plzzz tell me how to change my skype profile picture step wisely.

i not able to click on my profile picture to change it plzzzzz,,.

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AWESOME! Quick and easy once adequately explained by you! Thank you so very much!!!y):

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